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The Story of Soapy Sam

My soap making journey began when I realized that, as I got older, my skin was starting to show my age. It felt dry and not as healthy as I wanted it to feel. I started researching and realized the sheer number of manufactured chemical additives in the products I was using. I figured using products with lots of chemical additives on the largest organ of my body was counterproductive.

I decided I wanted something different, something simple and as I continued my research, I became more and more interested in the art of soapmaking. Over the next few months, I continued to learn as much as I could.  My first few batches were, well, not great. But I used that as a learning experience. I picked what I did and did not like about each batch that I made and I started learning how to tweak recipes to create bars that were gentle and nourishing on my skin. I asked friends and coworkers to try each recipe and give me feedback. It was a long process, but in the end, I have a collection of recipes that I really enjoy and am excited to share.

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