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To Swirl or Not to Swirl

When deciding on my soap designs I take into consideration the scent and additives I am using. Sometimes a scent is better served by being a “plain” bar and sometimes it is a more whimsical scent that I would like to compliment with a fun swirl.  Swirls and designs in the soap do not change the wonderful properties all of my soaps contain, it just brings them to another level. Even when I swirl or make a complicated design, even when they are super “pretty soaps” they are all made to be used an enjoyed.

Creating swirls in soap involves splitting the batter in multiple containers, coloring each their designated colors and then pouring and swirling depending on the design I chose.  It adds a significant amount of time onto each batch to get it just right, but it is so much fun to cut the soap loaf afterward to see what I made.

I often hear ” oh it’s too pretty to use”, and honestly, I don’t want that. I want the soap to be enjoyed and used for its purpose. I make the soap to be used, and trust me, I will always make more, so use it, even the most complicated designed soap. I will make more!!

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