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New Soap for Fall

Introducing new scent inspired by fall, just for 2019.

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year. I love the crisp air, the smell of leaves turning, the family holidays that make each month better than the last. This year I chose to create a line of soap that speaks to Fall. Each scent was picked with the fall in mind. I hope you love them s much as I do.

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Each bar is an individual

One of the best things about making a handcrafted soap is that I have the opportunity to design, experiment and create something new and different every time I create a loaf. One of the most fun things to play with, is the color and design of a bar.

Choosing a color, that “matches” the scent, deciding if a swirl, an ombre, a solid, or just two layered colors matches the scent is one of the most enjoyable parts about being a soap maker. But what does that mean for the people buying my soap? It means, that every bar is going to be slightly different in appearance. Sometimes more than slightly.

When doing swirls, swirls do what they will, so each individual bar may be slightly different from the next one. Like in this upcoming beauty, Sweet Citrus.

But sometimes, I love a scent and recipe and I just want to try a totally different color or design. These bars are exactly the same, they just look totally different. You can see what I mean in these two soaps, Catoctin Morning and Karma. Again, they are made using the same recipe and scent, but two very different designs.

Catoctin Morning in Blue/Grey Swirl(left) and Brown/Green Swirl(right)
Catoctin Morning in Blue/Grey Swirl(left) and Brown/Green Swirl(right)
Karma in Blue/Green Swirl (back) and Multi Swirl (front)
Karma in Blue/Green Swirl (back) and Multi Swirl (front)

When a design takes me to a very different place, I try to give my customers the option as to which design they prefer. I will make every effort to accommodate. If you want a specific design, please specify by contacting me first so that I can confirm that the design you want is still available.

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And the Winner is…

Back in January, when I was feelin’ a little sassy, I made this fun and colorful soap but had no idea what to name it. So, I turned to my Facebook folks for some suggestions. On February 1, I opened to a naming contest. On February 15 (via Facebook live), I announced Kerry Hobbs as the winner!

Check out the soap for yourself.

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Recently, I got to make one of my favorite soaps–PARTY TIME! It was surprising hit from last year, so I decided to make a new batch for this spring!

Party Time is a confetti soap. I take shaving and leftovers from previous batches and mix them in the fresh batter. When cut, each bar will be unique with colorful specks throughout. It’s so much fun! I never know what each bar will look like.

The body of the soap is made with one of my staple recipes. It has a lovely neutral scent, a bit floral, a bit woodsy.  Like a walk in the park after it rains. Just perfect for those that want a good smelling soap without being overwhelmed!

Party Time still needs to cure before being ready for use. I expect it will be ready to go beginning of March!

Don’t forget to check the store …

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(Bridal) Showers Deserve Special Soap

From the Bride’s shower to yours…

Looking for a cute, practical, but still a bit luxurious shower gift?  How about handcrafted soaps to match your theme?  

Soaps can be customized on recipe preference – whether you want a Bastille or Sam’s Basic Soap. You can pic colors, scents. Its a custom product that Sam will gladly work with you to craft something unique and still practical.

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To Swirl or Not to Swirl

When deciding on my soap designs I take into consideration the scent and additives I am using. Sometimes a scent is better served by being a “plain” bar and sometimes it is a more whimsical scent that I would like to compliment with a fun swirl.  Swirls and designs in the soap do not change the wonderful properties all of my soaps contain, it just brings them to another level. Even when I swirl or make a complicated design, even when they are super “pretty soaps” they are all made to be used an enjoyed.

Creating swirls in soap involves splitting the batter in multiple containers, coloring each their designated colors and then pouring and swirling depending on the design I chose.  It adds a significant amount of time onto each batch to get it just right, but it is so much fun to cut the soap loaf afterward to see what I made.

I often hear ” oh it’s too pretty to use”, and honestly, I don’t want that. I want the soap to be enjoyed and used for its purpose. I make the soap to be used, and trust me, I will always make more, so use it, even the most complicated designed soap. I will make more!!

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The Story of Soapy Sam

My soap making journey began when I realized that, as I got older, my skin was starting to show my age. It felt dry and not as healthy as I wanted it to feel. I started researching and realized the sheer number of manufactured chemical additives in the products I was using. I figured using products with lots of chemical additives on the largest organ of my body was counterproductive.

I decided I wanted something different, something simple and as I continued my research, I became more and more interested in the art of soapmaking. Over the next few months, I continued to learn as much as I could.  My first few batches were, well, not great. But I used that as a learning experience. I picked what I did and did not like about each batch that I made and I started learning how to tweak recipes to create bars that were gentle and nourishing on my skin. I asked friends and coworkers to try each recipe and give me feedback. It was a long process, but in the end, I have a collection of recipes that I really enjoy and am excited to share.