Soapy Sam’s is a one-woman (okay, two women since Sam’s sister is often drafted for assistance) handcrafted soap making enterprise that started as a well-loved hobby and became a small part-time business (really more of a hobby that pays for itself.) Sam enjoys trying new recipes and scents and always pushes herself with fun designs when possible. She enjoys the creative as well as the scientific side of handcrafted soap making.

As a hobby, Sam made and shared her handcrafted soap with friends and family, who then shared the soaps with their friends and co-workers.  It didn’t take long before she was receiving requests to make special batches for bridal shower gifts and charity events.

Soapy Sam’s Soaps is now an online shop run mostly out of Sam’s workshop (aka, her home in Poolesville, MD.) She also attends several local swaps/markets and the occasional event (charity and otherwise).  If we are in your area, please stop by and say hello!

Got a question?  Want to request a custom order? Contact her!

About Sam

Aside from her soap making obsession, she works full time as a registered veterinary technician, trains and competes with her dogs, Phoster (a Labrador), Nix, and Jack (German Shepherds).

She enjoys getting out in nature and loves hiking, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all things Harry Potter, traveling when possible  … oh, and Whiskey.